We are wise! We are CHEMWISE…

The Story of CHEMWISE

Established in 2008 CHEMWISE was born as a result of realizing that not all hazardous materials needed to be shipped off to the disposal facility for treatment. More often than not there would be reagents in perfectly usable condition sometimes these reagents would even be sealed, never used, set aside for disposal. We thought, man, this is good stuff, someone ought to be able to use these…


Fast-forward to today and we still work relentlessly to find new homes for lab chemicals. Over the years we have developed a vast network of downstream users that are able to use qualifying materials. This means many times we are able to save client’s money and the liability of disposal by diverting materials from traditional disposal methods.

We have also branched out and quickly became experts on reverse distribution. CHEMWISE focuses on difficult to recycle material such as nail polish and makeup powder. Our team is working on developing new products sourced from surplus, expired, end of run, damaged, and returned consumer goods.