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We offer an awesome solution for recycling nail polish. Our nail polish reverse distribution program has been perfected over the years. Give CHEMWISE a call today and one of our recycling experts will help you on your path to an effortless journey of polish recycling.

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We love working with everyone, especially retailers.  Furthermore, our vast experience helping retail stores setup customized recycling programs blossomed into our nail polish reverse distribution recycling program. In addition to domestic locations we can even recycle materials from your Canada and Mexico retail locations. In addition to the kudos you will receive from your customer we offer co-branding opportunities. Meanwhile your customers will associate your brand with environmental stewardship. Finally, customers can bring in their unwanted polishes and add them to the container. Due to our handy partner locations map consumers will be able to locate stores close to them where they can drop off their unwanted polish. Most definitely resulting in happy consumers and more traffic to your location. Retailers that participate in CHEMWISE recycling programs can have their locations added to the map at no additional cost.
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Did you know that in many states disposing of your unwanted nail polish in the regular trash is illegal? The reason is because nail polish is a liquid and it also may contain chemicals that are either hazardous to the environment or humans. The alternative is disposing of your nail polish as a hazardous waste. But, there isn’t really a need for that because the polish can be classified as a material for recycling.

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