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What we accept in this program

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CHEMWISE can recycle many different reagents but in order for reagents to qualify for recycling they must be in good/usable condition. This means that the original container is in good condition, the label is legible, and the material inside is not contaminated or ruined from environmental conditions. Reagents do not need to be sealed to qualify for our recycling program.

We cannot recycle any substances that are designated as a packing group I material. At CHEMWISE we have DOT certified hazmat shippers on staff so we will help you with preparing the materials for shipment. All of the materials that qualify for the CHEMWISE laboratory chemical recycling program must be able to be reclassified as limited quantity or ORM-D materials. Don’t worry, we will do all the leg work for you when you provide us with an inventory of what you would like to recycle. We are unable to recycle laboratory waste.

Typical materials we accept

  • agars
  • sodium iodide
  • potassium iodide
  • sodium thiosulfate
  • tannic acid
  • amino acids
  • solvents (toluene, benzene, acetone, ethanol, etc….)
  • mercury compounds
  • hydroxide salts
  • and many more!

To find out if your items qualify for recycling head on over to the get started page and click on the start recycling chemicals button.