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That Makeup Powder is Waiting for CHEMWISE to Recycle it

If you are on the fence about recycling makeup powder give us a call at (419) 581-9740, we don’t bite. We may be able to save you a bundle of money. Not to mention think of all the benefits you’ll realize being able to tell your shareholders and customers you’ve diverted a material from a hazardous waste stream to a clean recycling stream.

It’s super easy to get started recycling your nail polish. Simply purchase your SMARTchic Pack(s) today and we’ll ship them out to you in a jiffy. You’ll receive a confirmation E-Mail confirming your order with an order number in the event you have any questions for our awesome team. Once your SMARTpack order has been processed our SMARTsystem is sophisticated enough to send you an Email letting you know when to expect delivery along with the tracking number for your convenience.

Now just sit back and relax – let CHEMWISE manage the rest. We are available for you whenever you need us. Go ahead give us a call or send us an E-mail – we respond! A real person will answer and take care of you at every step of the way.

We would truly be honored to manage your makeup powder recycling needs!

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