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Start recycling by giving us a call at (419) 581-9740. We would be happy to discuss your nail polish recycling needs with you. It doesn’t matter if you only have a few bottles or you have hundreds of retail locations – we have solutions that will fit your needs! Our reverse distribution programs scale according to client’s needs.

With a click of a button you can pull up all your recycling activity for a specified period of time. Share this with your stakeholders, customers, or with anyone you would like. Above all, your customers will have a good feeling because you will be managing your surplus properly. Therefore, you may see an increase in sales because your customers may bring in polish of their own to recycle. Finally, those customers are dropping off their polish they might pick up a new bottle or two.

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Furthermore, it is super easy to start recycling your nail polish. Simply purchase your SMARTbeauty Pack(s) today. In addition, you will receive a confirmation E-Mail confirming your order. After you order our SMARTsystem will send you an E-Mail letting you know when to expect delivery along with the tracking number(s) for your convenience. Finally, just sit back and relax – let CHEMWISE manage the rest.

Recycling polish makes us happy.

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