We want your
makeup powder

Don’t throw away your powder.
let us recycle it!

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Makeup powder makes you look beautiful

So why not help keep the earth beautiful too?

Whether you are an individual that has accumulated excess makeup powder, a salon, a retail establishment, distributor, wholesaler, or manufacturer CHEMWISE can handle your cosmetics makeup powder recycling needs.

Traditionally consumers throw away their unwanted makeup powder in their solid waste. Sometimes consumers want to try a new makeup powder or they no longer like the older powders they have. These wind up getting buried in the landfill, taking up precious space. This material can now be recycled through innovative solutions offered by CHEMWISE!

You can help save landfill space by simply recycling your makeup powder. If you don’t wish to purchase a SMARTchic® Pack you could give your favorite salon a call and ask them if you can bring your unwanted makeup powder to them. They may have a recycling program in place and may accept the makeup powder at no cost to you.

CHEMWISE partners with salons all across the United States. To view salons participating in CHEMWISE recycling programs click here.