You Polish Your Nails

…now you can beautify the environment too!

Traditionally consumers throw away their unwanted nail polish in their solid waste. In many states households are exempt from hazardous waste disposal regulations, but this doesn’t make it right to throw them away.

The liquid acrylic paint can leak from the bottles when they reach the landfill. This liquid can then ooze into the soil and make its way into streams, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water where wildlife and humans can be exposed. In addition, some chemicals found in nail polish can wind up in drinking water where they can be consumed by humans and animals.

You can help protect the environment by simply participating in our mail in recycling program. If you don’t wish to purchase a SMARTbeauty® Pack you could give your favorite salon a call and ask them if you can bring your unwanted nail polish to them. They may have a recycling program in place and may accept the nail polishes at no cost to you.

CHEMWISE partners with salons all across the United States. To view salons participating in CHEMWISE recycling programs click here.

In addition, you can find alternative uses for the polish that you no longer need.  Some of these uses include; using it as paint for marking (think marking your favorite temperature for your shower/tub) or even using it as a sealer (clear works well for that).

woman holding different color nail polish bottles

Whether you are an individual, a salon, a retail establishment, distributor, wholesaler, or manufacturer CHEMWISE can handle your recycling needs.  Don’t forget to check out our SMARTbeauty Pack and reverse distribution program.