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If you are a salon and have makeup powder you would like to recycle we offer customized recycling solutions to fit any need. Maybe you only have a little bit of makeup powder you need to recycle or perhaps you have metric tons of it each month. Whatever the case may be contact CHEMWISE today and one of our recycling experts will help you on your path to getting in that oh so perfect recycling program.

We love working with retailers and have great experience helping retail stores setup customized recycling programs, otherwise known as reverse distribution. We are the Reverse Distribution Experts! We can even recycle materials from your Canada and Mexico retail locations. With co-branding opportunities your retail establishment can have a point of display recycling container with your logo on it where your customers will associate your brand with environmental stewardship. Customers can bring in their unwanted makeup powders and add them to the container. If you want to keep it simple and stow away the unwanted powders in the back we dig that too.

Maybe you are currently disposing of your unwanted makeup powder as a hazardous or solid waste. It’s easy to do. Maybe it’s the way you’ve done things for the past 10 years and you don’t want to change your system, or you have another vendor that handles your establishment’s materials. Whatever the case may be makeup powder does not need to be disposed of as a hazardous waste or a solid waste. It is a material which can be recycled!

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