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Nail Polish Recycling
CHEMWISE makes recycling nail polish super easy. We offer a mail in recycling program where consumers have the ability to purchase a recycling kit specifically designed for transporting nail polish safely. Once CHEMWISE receives the polish rest assured the polish is processed from each bottle and recycled. The glass bottles, plastic applicator brushes and various other components of the bottles are also recycled.

How it works
Simply click the button below to purchase your very own recycling kit to get started recycle your unwanted polish today!

What you get
Our mail in recycling kits are comprised of a fiberboard box with a plastic inner pail with a snap down lid. The size of the box is 10 inches long by 10 inches wide by 10 inches tall. This will give you an indication as to how many polishes will fit inside the kit.

You will also receive all DOT labels, prepaid shipping label, instructions, and a certificate of recycling.

The cost
The fee for this service is $98.97 and includes everything you need to recycle your unwanted polish. This fee includes shipping and handling of the kit both ways!

Why is there a service fee?
Recycling should be free, right? You take your cardboard, paper, magazines, and newspaper to the local recycling center and unload it for free. Naturally, you'd think you could recycle nail polish for free. However, nail polish is considered hazardous due to the ingredients used to make it. Nail polish contains flammable solvents and requires special shipping per DOT. To comply with the federal regulations each kit is shipped with proper DOT labels and the correct return postage label is provided in order to make sure each kit is properly transported back to our recycling facility.

When the polishes are processed at our recycling facility we use personal protective equipment in order to protect workers from the harmful vapors. Specialized handling is required in order to process polish for recycling. Much different than bailing cardboard or #2 plastic.

Finally, once the polish has been processed we want to make sure to extend the life of the polish as long as possible until we find a practical use for it. The processed polish is stored in temperature controlled environments such as large refrigerators. This extends the shelf life of the polish so that when we have a use for it the polish hasn't gone bad.

Recycling Policy
Each recycling kit will come with an approval number. An approval number must be attached and visible on the outside of the box or unfortunatley will have to refuse the box. Each kit we send out will have the approval number taped to the outside of the box.

Once payment has been made a recycling kit will be mailed to the address you would like the kit sent to. All kits are sent via UPS ground service. We do not ship kits to PO boxes.

Each polish must be in liquid form to avoid any additional surcharge. We do not accept broken bottles.

By purchasing a recycling kit you agree to follow all instructions provided.