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  Nail Polish Recycling

Why Recycle Nail Polish?
Recycle Nail Polish Now
A March 2002 U.S. Geological Survey report on wastewater contaminants in America's streams found plasticizers, possibly phthalates (a com-mon nail polish ingredient), in 64 percent of 139 streams studied.
Virtual Nail Polish Recycling Center coming soon!

Toxic to the environment

Some nail polishes contain toluene,dibutyl phthalate,formaldehyde, and acetate. These are all hazardous to your health and especially hazardous to the environment. These chemical are among the most toxic ingredients found in nail polish.

What you can do

If you paint your nails, chances are you have several containers partially full of nail polish hanging around you do not use. Before you toss them out, stop and think for a minute of what else you might be able to do with them. There are many ways to recycle your unwanted nail polish.

    - Use clear coat nail polish to waterproof your stuff (prescription bottle labels, address on envelops)
    - Use the paints as a way to label your things
    - Use red paint and mark an "X" on toxic chemicals in your home

We recommend purchasing eco-friendly nail polish:

Many companies have changed their chemical formula for making nail polish. Make sure you buy eco-friendly nail polish paint.

  • Rescue Beauty

  • Sparitual

  • Priti Nails

  • Zoya


-Only nail polish that is in liquid form is accepted into our recycling program. (Why?)
-We do not accept broken bottles. (Why?)
For more information about our Nail Polish Recycling please contact Chemwise at contact@chemwise.org