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Mail-In Chemical Recycling Program

Is your organization on a limited budget? Does your organization want to become green? If so Chemwise is here to help! Introducing mail back recycling – a program that allows your organization to send Chemwise your unwanted, unused, and surplus laboratory chemicals. Chemwise also recycles lab ware, glass ware, supplies, and apparatuses. Don’t pay disposal fees when materials can easily be recycled.

Chemwise is dedicated to providing the least costly solution to your recycling needs. By using our mail back recycling program you can be assured that your organization will save money on the recycling and disposal of chemicals.

In an effort to keep schools, universities and industry safe we have partnered with an environmental company Rader Environmental Services, Inc. to manage mercury and mercury containing devices.

Before calling a hazmat disposal service there are three questions to ask yourself:

      Do I want to be liable for the disposal of hazardous materials?
      Do I want to save money?
      Do I want to commit to a recycling program and become a greener organization?

If you answered no to the first question and yes to either of the final two questions, you have come to the right place. Chemwise will be here every step of the way to help guide you through greener recycling practices and provide an outlet for recycling materials.

Traditional disposal methods are geared for landfill and incineration:

Landfill – Chemicals and waste your organization generates could end up being buried in your local landfill causing major damage if not done properly. When taking this alternative you are still liable for the waste even after it has been buried!

Incineration – Chemicals and other materials could end up being burnt in giant furnaces which consumes costly fossil fuels. Again, taking this alternative you are still liable for the waste even after it has been burned.

Chemwise is dedicated to becoming a leader in chemical and laboratory supply recycling by using innovative recycling practices appropriate for the 21st century.

What we do with the materials we collect.

Many times chemicals and supplies removed from laboratories are still usable. These products are reintroduced back into the market place after sterilization, screening, and testing. We stand behind the products we sell and will not sell any products or chemicals that cannot be re-used.

To view a complete list of what we offer please visit us at http://www.chemwise.biz

To find out more information about the Chemwise Mail-In Recycling Program please email us at contact@chemwise.org