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Chemwise News

Nail Polish Recycling Module Coming Soon

short paragraph about the development of the nail polish recycling module.
Chemical Recycling Module In development
short paragraph about te development of the chemical recycling module.
Art - by - Reycled Nail Polish
short paragraph about all the artwork that has been made so far with the recycled nail polish.
EarthSmart Certification Program
short paragraph about the Earthsmart certification program with link to Planet Earthsmart.
waste management

Let’s face it, as long as we are producing, manufacturing, or creating products we are going to generate some type of waste. Chemwise is an environmental services company that provides waste management and recycling management services. Imagine having a streamlined waste management and recycling management system in place, geared specifically for your unique organization. In today’s business environment corporate philosophy plays an important role in the way consumers, clients, agents, and employees interact with the business. Corporate philosophy is a major component we use when putting together any waste management and recycling management system. Gone are the days when a waste management company comes in, packs up the waste, and moves on. Chemwise has a great interest in developing waste management and recycling management systems that align with your organization’s corporate philosophy. With this approach both Chemwise and the client meet at the client’s goal, we call this goal match. Haven’t established any goals yet? What a great place to start a conversation! Schedule an appointment today and one of our environmental experts will coach you in developing realistic goals that have a positive impact on your organization. Then a waste management and recycling management system will be developed in harmony with your goals. Set the autopilot and we’ll take care of the rest.