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About Chemwise

Chemwise is an award winning chemical recycling and disposal organization providing the necessary service quality and streamlined logistics to recycle and dispose of chemicals and chemical supplies in an environmentally friendly way.

Chemwise reaches out to organizations, schools, universities; hospitals, R&D labs, and industry by providing recycling services appropriate for today. Our goal is to help your organization commit to greener practices by recycling salvageable materials.

Our highly trained staff is able to help you identify laboratory chemicals and supplies which may be recycled. Recycling saves you money, reduces your liability (if you were to dispose of these items as a hazardous waste you are liable for them even after they have been disposed of) and helps keep the Earth green.

Once Chemwise takes ownership of these materials and laboratory chemicals we now become liable via transfer of ownership.

Why not give Chemwise a call today? 419-425-3604. Transfer your liability to us, save money, and help our environment in a big way!

Chemwise is leading by example. Gently used products, unopened products, and usable materials collected are sold at http://www.chemwise.biz. 100% of what we sell is recycled materials.

Please visit our Services page to find out about all the services we have to offer.